Fund Raising and Sponsorships are vital!

                 We appreciate our sponsors! They enable us to do more, better! Thank them!

Fund Raising and Sponsors

Fund Raising

Donate directly to our future fight expenses. Like the up coming trip to Bahrain for the International Competition

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T-Shirts & Merch

Now you can own your very own "Big Sexy" t-shirt, sweat-shirt, or other merch. The manufacturer has agreed to donate 100% of the profits to our fighting future!

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Pure Nutrition that works in the right way, supplying the body what it needs
in forms it can readily use.
Healthy Joints can help in the cage, and in life.
Knees & Shoulders, are important in this sport.

Understand ingredients, how things work, and what is safe, effective, and actually helps!

Products for PEOPLE and Pets... of all ages, activity levels, and competition levels.

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Your Name Could Go Here

It doesn't cost much to get the ball rolling.

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Sponsors Welcome

Supporting Athletics is important, and can help you get some passive promotion.  Even links to your web site or advertisement.

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Your Logo Can Be Added

Many Brands are built upon their sponsorships

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Property of Soddy Daisy, TN

Wrestling Coach, Turned Heavy Weight MMA Fighter

Billy "Big Sexy" Swanson is an Amateur Cage Fighter, with his sights set on the UFC

Speaking with a humble purpose, commanding a gentle respect, until he enters that cage. His goal is clear, his agenda well established, and his effort not easily matched.

Loved ones, and fans, started calling him "Big Sexy"... a nickname that just stuck, and he doesn't plan to get rid of it any time soon (already turning down one sponsor that tried to force that issue).

With Tim Loy, Valor Fights

Upcoming Fights

The path is filled with some twists and turns, but the goal remains unchanged: UFC or bust!


We'll consider any reasonable contract. We honor our agreements, and expect those wanting to work with us will too.


In Soddy Daisy to Knoxville, with growing numbers in Nashville to Atlanta, my fan base is growing. My style well practiced , my drive, dedication, and discipline easy to see.

Let's Grow Together!